Artist Submission

We all know the saying "every picture tells a story". Since prehistoric times, people communicated through art. The earliest recorded story  is a 44,000 year old cave painting in Indonesia. Art has evolved over the years, and it still continues to tell stories. Artists express their feelings, experience and messages through their artwork. Some stories may be straightforward, while others may be more abstract, symbolic or cryptic. The most amazing power of art is that the same piece of artwork may evoke completely different emotions and interpretations in different individuals. 


For the upcoming exhibition "Stories", Artusiasm is seeking artwork in a variety of mediums, including but not limited to paintings, drawings, mixed media, photography and sculptures.

We will publish an exhibition catalogue with full page features of individual exhibiting artists. Catalogue will be available for purchase ($15 per copy, $12 pre-order before April 10). Limited copies will be printed, pre-orders strongly advised.


Once the artwork is selected, we will ask artists to submit a short narrative or story behind one or more of their submitted work which will be published in the exhibition catalogue. 


We are looking for art that speak for themselves and/or tell different stories. What story does your artwork tell us?

Key Dates:

Exhibition: May 14 to 31, 2020

Opening Reception: Thursday May 14, 6:30 to 9:00 pm

Submission Deadline: MARCH 14, 2020

Final confirmations will be sent out by March 18

Payment Due by March 25

Art Drop Off: May 11 between 9am to 2pm

Art Pick Up: May 31 between noon to 4pm

Catalogue Form submission due by: April 4

Gallery Address:

Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC)


56 Neilson Dr, Etobicoke, ON



  • Artwork must be ready to hang or display. All 2D artwork must be properly wired according to weight.

  • Diptychs, triptychs etc will be considered as 2 pieces, 3 pieces etc (when calculating number of artworks).

  • NPCC provides display stands and Plexiglas covers for sculptural work.

  • Artwork must be appropriate for an audience of all ages. The venue (NPCC) reserves the right to refuse any artwork that deems to be offensive or inappropriate for this exhibition.


Artwork left at NPCC and will be charged a storage fee of $15 per piece per day. Please let Artusiasm know in advance if you have issues picking up on time.



  • Sales of artworks are handled by the NPCC front desk and individual artists will be notified via email when a work has sold.

  • Purchasers of artwork are expected to pick up the work after the show closes.

  • Cheque(s) for artwork sale(s) will issued and mailed to individual artists within 30 days after the show closes, less 15% commission to NPCC.

  • HST is applicable to all sales. HST will be remitted to artists on submission of their HST registration number; otherwise HST will be reported and remitted by NPCC.

Hanging Fee:

REGULAR: Up to 24" wide and up to 36" tall: $35 each
LARGE: 24"-36" wide and up to 36" tall: $45 each
EXTRA LARGE: 36"-48" wide up to 48" tall: $55 each

Larger pieces: contact us for consideration.

Please consider each canvas as a separate piece when measuring and calculating diptychs, triptychs etc.

Hanging fee includes gallery rental, professional curating, installation, electronic flyers, promotions, email blasts, FB event, opening reception refreshments, live entertainment etc. 

​Payment via electronic transfer  to (use password: artusiasm)



Email pictures of your art to (low resolution is fine).

Rename each jpeg image in this format: ARTISTINITIALS-ARTWORK TITLE.


Artworks or exhibitions may be photographed unless written notification to the contrary from the artist is received by NPCC.



Monday to Thursday 9am – 9:30pm

Friday to Sunday 9am – 4:30pm