Aurora based fine artist Bill Lunshof grew up in a Dutch immigrant family and had an interest in the visual arts from an early age. Also an avid gardener and photographer Bill’s work takes much of its inspiration from nature.  He has been painting for the last 10 years.


In the last several years he began painting a series of old cars and trucks in their natural state of decay.  He photographed an old truck wreck in a good friends back 40 and was inspired to paint it as a 60th birthday gift.  He really enjoyed capturing all the textures and colours on canvas.  It turned out to be the truck that his friend’s grandfather drove for many years on the family farm and my painting had a real emotional connection to all those memories.  


Everyone has a connection to a special vehicle that they once drove or owned.  Bill continues to hunt down old vehicles and loves to photograph and paint them.  Each one has a story to tell.  


Bill also loves to explore the world of collage and multimedia. He prints and makes many of his own unique papers and adds vintage finds and blends these with other media and ink transfers for one-of-a-kind works of art.


Last Exit on the Right

I can just imagine the anticipation when this vehicle was first purchased.  People were able to travel all over North America in their new vehicles in the boom years after the Second World War.  I imagine kids piled into this vehicle and road trips taken.  Trips to Gramma and Grampa’s place on the edge of town.  Picnic baskets unpacked and spread out on a big blanket under an apple tree.  So much to look forward to!   Each time I paint one of these old vehicles I hope I unpack these stories for my audience.

Swing Time

Everything in this painting suggests a visit to a country property in rural Tennessee.  I wanted to evoke that sense of a timeless Autumn day with just a little bit of mist rising from the hills out back.  It’s early in the day when the sun hasn’t quite burned off the clouds yet but you know it’s going to be a perfect day!


Yes Dear

I took this picture while on a photography workshop in Japan a few years back.  We were in Kyoto just walking from one place to the next when all of a sudden the world was full of huge snowflakes.   It seems the Japanese are always prepared with umbrellas and this created a magical few moments with the flakes melting as soon as they hit any surface.  Everything was glistening with moisture but the sky was still full of snow flakes.  Then I noticed this couple walking in my direction who were just completely in their own little world just strolling along like this happens every day.