Call for artists



Artists are welcome to submit art that is anything but realism. This may include pure abstracts, expressionism, impressionism, cubism and more. Paintings, photography, drawings, mixed media, collage, prints etc. are acceptable.  The artist has full freedom to interpret the theme in their own style.


December 1-10, 2017

Reception: Friday December 1, 2017 from 7 to 11 pm
Submission Deadline: November 25, 2017

Artwork drop off: Nov 25-27 between 3 to 4:30 pm

Artwork pick up: Dec 10-11 between 3 to 4:30 pm

Artusiasm Art Gallery, 1684 St Clair Ave W, Toronto



Email pictures of your art to

Rename each jpeg image in this format: ARTISTINITIALS-ARTWORK TITLE.

Gallery hours: 
Weekdays 2 to 6 pm. Closed on Wednesdays and statutory holidays.
Saturday and Sunday 2 to 5 pm. 
Also available by appointment. Call 416-970-7235 or email 


There is no fee to submit -- only a hanging fee for accepted artwork.

Artwork Dimensions and Hanging Fee:

No minimum dimension

Maximum 5 feet tall

$35 for 1 piece of artwork up to 36"x36"

$50 for 2 pieces of artwork up to 36”x36”
$60 for 3 pieces of artwork up to 36”x36”

$70 for 4 pieces of artwork up to 36”x36”

$80 for 5 pieces of artwork up to 36”x36”

$90 for 6 pieces of artwork up to 36”x36”

Add $5 per piece for each LARGE artwork (over 36" in any direction, up to 48")

Add $15 per piece for EXTRA LARGE artwork (over 4 feet in any direction)


25% commission on sold work.

Payment via electronic transfer  to (use password: artusiasm)

*** Contact us if you prefer to pay cash ***

Artwork Requirements:

  • Each piece of artwork must be ready to hang on a wall. Framed art MUST be wired. Stretched canvases are allowed without a wire. Please use proper hardware and wires to hold the weight of your artwork.

  • Please indicate the "right side up" with an upward arrow at the back of the artwork. 

  • All artwork must have the artist's name and contact information at the back.

  • Wet paint (freshly finished oil paintings) will not be accepted.

  • Please avoid glass if possible, and very heavy art, to ensure safe handling.

  • Art on paper, board, canvas board etc must be framed and wired. Matting alone is not considered a frame.

Artists are responsible for dropping off and picking up artwork within the confirmed time frame.

Insurance of artwork is the responsibility of the artist.

The gallery has 24/7 monitored Alarm Force security system installed.


Steps to Participate:


1. Read all instructions on this page (very important).

2. Fill out the submission form by clicking on the"Apply Now" button below (before deadline).

3. Email images to

4. After Artusiasm confirms acceptance, please send e-transfer payment to (password artusiasm).

5. Drop off artwork within designated time slots only. No late drop offs will be accepted, sorry. Early drop off is fine.

6. Mark the art pick up date on your calendar. Artwork not picked up within 2 weeks of agreed pick up date will be considered a donation to the gallery.


Attendance at the Opening Reception (throughout the evening) is highly recommended. Please contact us if you might not be able to attend.